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NEW IN WINTER 2022/23!

We try to follow our wishes of our clients, that's why we changed our group lessons for teens and adults.

Instead of exhausting 4h a day we offer only 2h grouplessons. This system enables us to adapt the groups better and has the positive affect that you can use your freetime with other activities. You can spend your time with independent practice, your family or relaxing and recover for the next day.



Adults group courses! 

Our adult courses are designed with the ideal blend of individual care and group dynamics. We provide a simple way for you to learn a good technique, we show you clear exercises that will enhance your personal development. We have the perfect course for each performance level. From first steps to elegant turns and on to skillful carving. We show you how to do it, in a fun and friendly environment.

Small groups of max. eight people guarantee intensive instruction units.
If you prefer a private lesson - let us know!



  • Only 2 hours per day

  • Grouplessons (green) start Sunday and Monday from
    9:30 a.m to 11:30 a.m

  • grouplessons (blue & red) start Sunday and Monday from
    12:30 a.m to 14:30 p.m



hours per day

price in €

3 days

2 hours


2 days

2 hours


1 day

2 hours


(no skilessons completed yet)

  • newcomers

  • kids in the age of 3

  • get used to skis and boots

  • form groups

  • no skilessons completed yet

(already 3-5 skilessons completed yet)

  • the beginning parallel skiing

  • chairlifts

  • skiing on red slopes

  • junior freestyle

  • already 3-5 skilessons completed

Slightly Advanced
(already 1-2 skilessons completed yet)

  • snowplow

  • turns by using the snowplow

  • plate lift

  • skiing on blue slopes

  • already 1-2 skilessons completed yet

(already 6 and more skilessons completed yet)

  • parallel skiing, race carving

  • steeper slopes

  • moguls

  • teens freeride

  • already 6 and more skilessons completed yet


The beginnerlessons (green) start on Sunday and Monday
at 9:30 - 11:30 a.m.. 

The lessons for advanced skiers (blue and red) begin on Sunday and Monday at 12:30 - 14:30 p.m..



Our skischool office is on the top of the mountain on the left side of the Acherkogelbahn and the meeting point for the lessons is by the green flags.

The group formation is on Sunday and Monday at 9:15 a.m..


Skischool AGE in Oetz / Hochoetz ... ALL IN ONE

Oetz - Hochoetz

Skischule AGE

... all in ONE


6433 OETZ | Hauptstraße 61

+43 664 3838 001

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