Ski course for children

It's never too early to start skiing!

Learning to ski in HochOetz is exceptionally enjoyable. Our cheerful mascot AGI, the fantastic children's area, and our enthusiastic ski instructors contribute to this. Our youngest learners playfully develop their skills on two skis in the children's area. Braking, turning, and riding lifts become unique pleasures, and after just a few hours, it's "child's play" for everyone.
And the climax is particularly exciting: the grand finale ski race with AGI!

AGI Children's Area

No one becomes a master overnight, and even the best ski stars started off very small. In our AGI children's ski school in Oetz / Hochoetz, your little ones will discover the joy of skiing in a playful way. And soon enough, your offspring will be conquering the slopes of Hochoetz on their own.

As skills grow, so does the fun on the slopes. We do our best to ignite your children's enthusiasm for skiing.

Ski courses for advanced skiers

Skiing is a breeze! Even the greatest ski stars once started small. In our AGI children's ski school in Oetz / Hochoetz, your children can refine their skiing skills. Our course offerings range from easy intermediate to courses for the future pros. Small groups of up to eight people ensure intensive and, above all, personalized instruction.

Introductory Course

We also take care of the little ones! Try it out with AGI - the coolest deer of Hochoetz! The bambinis have several options to benefit from our ski school. They are welcome to join our trial course to get a taste of skiing. Two hours in the morning from 09:30 to 11:30 am for the price of € 59.00.

Course times
  • 9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
  • 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM


Meeting point
  • 9:15 AM in Hochoetz
  • Right next to the mountain station


Lunch Supervision

Upon request, children can go to the children's restaurant for lunch supervision with our ski instructors and choose between two meals and a drink.


The cost for this is € 18.00 per child per day.


Final Race

Every Thursday, the final race with our mascot AGI takes place at the Ötzi-Lift. Every child who has attended the ski course for 3 days is allowed to participate. At the end of the day, all children receive their medal from AGI at the prize-giving ceremony in front of the ski school office.




(no skilessons completed yet)

  • newcomers
  • kids in the age of 3
  • get used to skis and boots
  • form groups
  • no skilessons completed yet

Level video

Slightly advanced

(already completed 1-2 week-long courses)

  • Snowplow stop
  • Turning
  • T-bar lift
  • Skiing on blue slopes
  • Already completed 1-2 ski courses

Level video


(already 3-5 skilessons completed yet)

  • the beginning parallel skiing
  • chairlifts
  • skiing on red slopes
  • junior freestyle
  • already 3-5 skilessons completed

Level video


(already 6 and more skilessons completed yet)

  • parallel skiing, race carving
  • steeper slopes
  • moguls
  • teens freeride
  • already 6 and more skilessons completed yet

Level video